Getting Hily ahead in the General Dating App Game with TikTok Influencers




Who are Hily?

Dating app Hily were looking to drive brand awareness and engagement with an 18-25 year old audience in the US. With Instagram reaching saturation point, they were looking for a new channel which could drive users to their app.

What was the plan?

We recruited TikTok influencers in the US with a large female audience to create comedy skits around Hily and some of the memorable encounters you could have on there. We allowed our influencers minds to go wild for this campaign, our only request was to utilise comedy when showcasing the app as we wanted to break down the barriers that dating apps can have while also creating engaging content that showcased the app. This way would we would maximise our user engagement.

What was the result?

With this approach, the campaign resonated strongly with our audience resulting in over 1 million views and 102k hearts on the influencer content.