Driving meaningful engagement for HM Government National Minimum Wage scheme




What was the idea?

The UK government had just upped the minimum wage, and wanted 15-21 year olds in the UK to know about and make sure they were being paid fairly. From their data, the’d noted that BAME communities had the largest lack of knowledge on this topic so approached Fanbytes to help credibly reach that audience.

What was the plan?

We identified Snapchat as the ideal platform to reach their audience creating an organic campaign led by key faces. Whether it was university society presidents or “big sister” type personalities on Snapchat, influencers told their audiences about the change encouraging to demand what they were worth!

What was the result?

Using such credible influencers led to fantastic results with over 40,000 swiping up to find out more about the new minimum wage and a completion rate of 90% which was practically unheard off for a government organisation.