Getting results for Huawei’s ‘Story Behind Stories’ competition




What was idea?

Huawei were looking to drive engagement around their new phone the p30 Lite and approached us to run a powerful influencer driven campaign. THE P30’s main USP was the camera which Huawei wanted to position as enabling you to unlock your creativity.

What was the plan?

Realising that brand perception was key here, we ran a multi pronged campaign hosting a round table with credible ambassadors and influencers of Huawei who spoke about how important content creation was to their daily lives.

We then supplemented the campaign with a competition where the creators asked their fans what they’d do if they were an influencer themselves.

Our inhouse video team then developed the influencer content into IG Story ads which were then pushed from the influencers profile to entice more people to enter the competition.

What was the result?

This combination of both organic and paid led to stellar results with over 1.6 million views on the content and 4,000 entries into the competition.