Using Snapchat Fashionistas to Drive New Traffic

Who are I Saw It First?

I Saw It First, an online-only retailer offering the latest in women’s fashion, were dissatisfied with their brand awareness and user engagement among students and 13-17 year olds in the UK.

They wanted a campaign that felt genuine and showcased I Saw It First as a trendsetting company all while driving overall sales for the company.



Swipe Ups

What was the plan?

We used fashion-oriented Snapchat influencers to showcase some of their favourite I Saw It First pieces from their ‘Going Out’ range all in our sandwich ad format. This method helped the demographic connect naturally with the brand and introduced I saw It First as a cool relevant brand for young women.

What was the result?

The campaign generated 186,000 views generating buzz for the brand and bolstering sales significantly as a direct result. An above average 4.1% CTR corroborated the success of this campaigning method and its ability to engage relevant audiences.