How Fanbytes made I SAW IT FIRST the top destination for fashion trends

Beauty & Fashion

What was the campaign goal?

I Saw It First, an online-only retailer offering the latest in women’s fashion, were dissatisfied with their brand awareness and user engagement among the UK 13-17 year old and student demographics. Ultimately hoping to drive sales, they came to Fanbytes in hopes we could produce a campaign that felt genuine and encouraged more young women to rely on I Saw It First as the go-to place for new trends.

What did we do?

Recognising Snapchat influence as a powerful tool in positively encouraging this particular audience, we relied on a handful of noted fashion influencers to choose some of their favourite pieces from the I Saw It First ‘Going Out’ range and present them to the audience as part of a thirty second sandwich ad. This proved an effective method in connecting naturally with the target demographics and introducing I Saw It First as a cool, relevant brand for young women.


The campaign generated 186,000 views over 17 unique influencer spaces, generating buzz for the brand and bolstering sales significantly as a direct result. An above average 4.1% CTR corroborated the success of this campaigning method and its ability to engage relevant audiences.








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