Creating a Dance Challenge for Idahoan Foods on TikTok

The Client

Back in 1951, the Idahoan brand was born when a group of local Lewisville Idaho growers decided to join forces to start a potato dehydration plant. They then developed a preservation process where the natural potato taste and texture could be kept in the form of instant mashed potatoes in a pouch.

The line of product includes Buttery Homestyle®, Four Cheese, Roasted Garlic., Loaded Baked®, Baby Reds®, Bacon Cheddar Chipotle as well as Homestyle Casserole and potato soups. In all products, Idahoan Foods maintain a high level of quality with 100% REAL Idaho® potatoes.

The Challenge

Idahoan Foods approached Fanbytes to create awareness of their instant mashed potato products on TikTok during lockdown when food content was on the rise. An unusual product to be promoting on TikTok, we would have to come up with an innovative campaign that fitted seamlessly with other content on the platform.

The Solution

The campaign was split into two parts using 14 influencers. The first campaign featured a choreographed dance challenge using a custom made sound at the request of Idahoan Foods. To the upbeat song, a dance was choreographed which consisted of various moves, including the 1960s famous ‘mashed potato dance.’ This element would be easy to learn for users and gave the food brand an edge which connected the dance to the product.

The second part of the campaign saw influencers eating the mashed potato in an organic creative video. As with most of our campaigns, we gave the influencers creative control which meant that each video fitted with in with their particular niche and sat seamlessly on their TikTok feed.

The Results

After guaranteeing 2M views, the influencer views for the campaign racked up an amazing combined result of 14M+ views and reach. The influencers’ videos had an engagement rate of 20.13%, hitting well over the successful industry standard of 14% for TikTok. 

The hashtag views for both parts of the campaign combined reached an extremely impressive 14M+ (6.7M views on #IdahoanMash creative freedom piece & 7.4M on #mashoutchallenge dance challenge piece).

211 pieces of user-generated content were created to date. The custom original sound created for the campaign reached an incredible 49.2K plays overall. In addition, since launching the Tiktok account for the campaign, it has gained over 3.7k followers. 

Why It Worked

This campaign was a huge success, despite the marketability of this product being more difficult on TikTok.

The success of the activation was down to a few key things:

The first is because the custom sound we created for the client was extremely catchy and upbeat, and so viewers were drawn to the influencers’ videos. We ensured that the original sound was native to TikTok and made our video organically blend into the platform.

On top of this, the ‘mash out’ dance was fun to watch and easy to learn which meant that users could easily copy it or duet with the influencers. The dance challenge was a great way to organically market their product without being intrusive and overly branded. 

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