Getting more recognition for Isaac Dunbar through a viral TikTok challenge 

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Who is Isaac Dunbar?

Indie-pop Isaac Dunbar is releasing relatable music for teens everywhere. At only 15-years-old, Dunbar’s music helps listeners either relate or remensice on all the awkward moments on their early teenage years. Tackling topics like insecurity and the desire to fit it, Dunbar is open in sharing all of the shortcomings attached with adolescent years.

With his new single “Blonde”, record label Platoon were looking to drive engagement. Rather than opting for the conventional marketing channels, they were looking for an innovative way to emotionally engage with a young global female audience.


What was the plan?

To launch this activation, we took to Tiktok as it is the perfect avenue for reaching that young teen audience. As we needed to emotionally engage potential fans of Isaac Dunbar as well as promoting the song, we decided on a lyric challenge. 

Knowing this, we decided to develop an idea around a key lyric of Isaac’s Dunbar song “Colouring in my face, trying to match the shades of blue”.

We created a challenge where influencers had to create fun tiktoks around trying to match the lyrics. This was then tied in with a challenge #blondechallenge where the influencers challenged their fans to “duet” their videos.

What was the result?

The #blondechallenge was a smash hit on TikTok. Collectively during the period of the campaign, our influencers gained 70K views of their takes on the challenge. What’s more, nearly 300 users uploaded their own version of #blondechallenge on their TikTok accounts. 

TikTok challenges are great for creating high impact and hugely engaging organic growth. The challenge saw a percentage engagement growth of 18.1k from the initial two uploads from our influencers. This level of participation shows that the challenge format of TikTok is ideal for generating buzz around an artist- as it did for Isaac Dunbar.