How Ivory Ella got People Talking about Elephants on TikTok




Total Hearts



The problem

Ivory Ella, a charity based clothing brand, was looking to drive traffic to their site and highlight their charitable causes. They wanted to achieve this with highly engaging content from influencers who showed that they cared about social causes.

What did we do?

We knew that Ivory Ella would be a good fit for TikTok and their positive messaging would be well received on the platform. 

We got a number of our TikTok influencers on board to create engaging content in their own style in order to showcase the products, and raise awareness for the causes that Ivory Ella support. We made sure the Influencer content showcased the best aspects of Ivory Ella’s products – in order to achieve better results.


The Ivory Ella campaign resulted in some really appealing content, with the most engaged influencer seeing a 35% engagement rate. The campaign worked well in generating positive conversation around the brand. The overall campaign achieved over 300,000 views, 50,000 hearts and 4000 positive comments interacting with the brand and the cause!