Flying into virality for JP Cooper’s 

‘Sing It With Me’

Hashtag Views


User Generated

What was the challenge?

Universal Music were looking to make an impact for JP Cooper’s new release ‘Sing It With Me’ featuring Astrid S. Rather than just going for streams, they wanted a campaign which could really drive fan engagement.

What was the plan?

To drive engagement around JP Cooper’s new song “Sing it with me”,  we used the power of narrative on Tiktok  to drive an army of fans around the song. 

We activated the paperplanes challenge where influencers passed paper planes from each other with the lyrics of the song.  Fans were hooked using the hashtag #paperplaneschallenge to follow on and see who had the paper plane next creating a massive groundswell of attention to the song.

What was the result?

The song went viral on the platform with over 8 million views on the hashtag and 500k hearts on the campaign with over 4,000 fans creating their own paper planes to the song.