Driving streams for Mabel’s ‘Mad Love’ using a makeup challenge




Who is Mabel?

Mabel, a UK based singer, was looking for a way to create some hype around her new single ‘Mad Love’. Understanding the power of organic social media campaigns having worked with Fanbytes before, she wanted an interesting way of engaging fans as well as pushing them to her record to drive streams.

What was the plan?

After deciding the campaign was best suited to Instagram and Snapchat the next challenge was looking for inspiration. The songs music video sprung straight to mind to due to a striking look with a pink hairstyle and amazing pink eye makeup. After thinking about how this could be incorporated into an engaging advert it was decided that influencers would recreate the look from the video. To really push the completion rate it was decided a sandwich ad format would be used. The first section would be the influencer talking about the how good the song is, the song being sandwich in the middle with the final section of the ad being the look recreation.  

What was the result?

The results were strong with the campaign driving over 170K views, over 6K clicks and a CPC of £0.49. Using the Fanbytes signature sandwich ad format combined with an interesting challenge clearly engaged the target audience.