Highlighting Mabel’s New Track Using Influencer Marketing

The problem

Universal Music Group was looking to generate more buzz and streams for their artist Mabel’s new release, ‘Don’t Call Me Up.’ UMG were looking to target UK based female viewers over the age of 18 who might relate to the message of being an independent woman in Mabel’s tune. Knowing that Instagram and Facebook are oversaturated and pretty costly, UMG were looking for an alternative where they could hit their target audience, without breaking the budget.

What did we do?

We knew that the perfect solution for Mabel was a super engaging influencer marketing campaign. Based on their core audiences, interests and profiles, we picked out the most perfectly suited influencers for the campaign. Once selected, our influencers were sent a script and a creative to distribute within their stories.

To make the campaign even more appealing to their target audience, our influencers recreated Mabel’s iconic makeup look from the ‘Don’t Call Me Up’ video. This elevated the organic feel of the promotion with fans feeling like they were part of the music video.


We generated some amazing results for Mabel and UMG using a total of 4 influencers. We smashed UMG’s expectations by generating views 140% higher than their targets, with a total of 184k views.

The campaign was a smash hit for Mabel and UMG!


Increase over Target Views