Marketing to Gen Z Made Easy: How to Create Engaging Content with Tik Tok

If there is anything we know about Gen Z, we know that they do not know a world without the internet and so they consume the majority of their content online. This is both good and bad news for marketeers. Whilst we know where to reach them, how can we make sure the content we are putting out is even more interesting and engaging than what they consume on a daily basis?

Here at Fanbytes, we trial and test various different marketing strategies on a daily basis and therefore, we have the expertise to help you elevate your marketing to Gen Z techniques and create content that they actually enjoy and can relate to.

Tik Tok, in particular, has been an extremely powerful tool. When clients are looking to reach an engaged Gen Z audience in an exciting way, this app is where it’s at. Take a look at a recent campaign we did to promote Ruth Anne’s song ‘Love Again’.

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Hearts from Fans
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What Was the Brief?

Record label The Other Songs was looking to drive streams and engagement around their artist Ruth Anne. The Other Songs wanted to find a solution to get Ruth Anne’s single ‘Love Again’ in front of a new audience in an exciting way, in a market that makes it difficult to stand out from the crowd.

What Was the Plan?

We created a TikTok campaign that engaged the audience by spreading the sentiment of the song: learning to love again after falling on hard times. So our creative concept oriented around influencers confessing their biggest insecurities before explaining how they learned to love themselves regardless of this, while the chorus of the song played in the background. Fans then ‘dueted’ to the video, a feature on TikTok where they play the original video alongside their own inspired content.

What Was the Result?

The Tiktok duet feature worked perfectly for this and the #PromoteLove campaign went viral with 1.5m views in total and 871 user videos were created using ‘Love Again’. The original influencer videos saw a total of 13.48K hearts from fans, and 153.3K views, alongside many comments on how inspiring the videos were. This hashtag also broke into the top 20 on TikTok.

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