Funnelling Snapchat Users to the Mojitok App

The campaign goal

Mojitok is an app that specialises in providing users with 000s of unique stickers for use in messenger apps. Not satisfied with their overall user interest, they came to Fanbytes to help generate a campaign that would increase awareness and drive App Store downloads amongst their US audience.

What did we do?

In response to the brief, we developed a short ad campaign that enlisted Snapchat influencers to promote the Mojitok app through their stories. This method of distributing awareness would aide Mojitok in reaching the target 13-17 and student demographics without feeling invasive on the audience’s part.


The campaign was successful in helping Mojitok achieve their goal, raising awareness of their brand and surpassing 25,000 unique clicks, directing a vast sum of users to the app download page.






Reduction in CPI

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