How Fanbytes Captivated & Converted Gen Z with MyProtein's Pre-workout Shake

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Who are MyProtein?

MyProtein is a leading sports nutrition brand but they haven’t been renowned for their super creative social media marketing campaigns. Until now. 

Unlike their competitors who have gotten comfortable using traditional influencer marketing practices, MyProtein knew that they needed to get creative and innovative to make waves and steal the hearts of Gen Z. 

What was the plan?

Although MyProtein had gained good exposure on the platform and an impressive 20k following, they approached us to find ways to further embed their brand into TikTok culture. Challenged with this, we created a multi-faceted campaign including influencer promotions and paid ads.

Duet Chain

We developed a campaign around a popular TikTok trend – the duet chain. This is when users create a side-by-side posts of eachother with the second often a continuation or response to the first. Influencers were sent MyProtein merchandise and asked to show the super-human benefits of a MyProtein pre-workout shake before passing the drink through the screen for other influencers to join in. We tied this campaign together with a custom original sound and the #myproteinchallenge generating 1.8M views for MyProtein and raising brand awareness on TikTok.

Paid Ads

Following the influencer posts, we then developed the paid ads portion of the campaign. We repurposed the best creatives as paid ads complete with a clickable link on TikTok ad platform.  Overall the ads performed exceptionally, clocking an overall CPC of £0.12.

What was the result?

MyProtein generated astounding results with 1.8m hashtag views, an impressive 14.8% engagement rate, and a small £0.12 CPC. 

We were also able to drive over 207 user generated videos, including influencers such as Marcus who has over 116.4k followers and received positive comments on his profile. The evidence of positive fan engagement suggested that this emotionally resonated with the influencer’s audience.

What’s more, the campaign surpassed our view guarantees by 40%!