Driving App Installs and User Signups to a Newly Launched Music Platform


What was the campaign goal?

Mymy Music, an online music streaming service, were hoping to extend their reach to an audience of 13-17 year old hip hop fans in the United States, but couldn’t quite figure out how to approach this particularly tricky demographic. They sought out Fanbytes for help, hoping our expertise in communicating with Gen Z would help fruit an impactful ad campaign that generated positive buzz for the brand and ultimately increased app downloads.

Our solution and the results

Identifying Snapchat as a hub for the exact audience we were looking to target, we catered an ad campaign for distribution specifically on this platform. With the correct demographic pinpointed, we innovated an engaging, ten second campaign which invited users to vote on whether a featured track was ‘Dope or Nope’ before prompting them to swipe up and download the Mymy Music app. The level of interactivity here ensured user engagement and helped present the brand to the target audience in a way that was fun and non-invasive on their part.

The campaign out-performed expectations, reducing CPIs to a meagre $0.49 and acquiring for the brand a fresh batch of some 30,000 hip hop fans. The client was delighted with the results and were moved to seek further work with the Fanbytes initiative.

We spoke to Shawn Pouliotte, COO of Mymymusic:

What kind of challenges did you face, when you began advertising Mymymusic?

Primarily it was reaching a relevant audience at a price that made business sense. We were trying different channels that got us a multi dollar CPA and we couldn't sustain this at this early stage.

Did you try influencer marketing before coming to Fanbytes?

No, we had primarily focused on digital ads via facebook and Instagram with some tests on twitter.

What was your experience working with Fanbytes for the first time?

We found Fanbytes through a news article published in Music Business Worldwide. They had clearly worked in our space (music) and hence had an understanding of our needs from the start. I decided to do a test run to see how it went. Needless to say, I was blown away by the results

What about the results blew you away and why do you think they managed to outperform your other efforts?

The traffic and installs generated were of quality and really engaged - combine this with the aggressive CPI and I was very impressed by what they delivered. The team clearly knows how to target the audience in the networks they support.

Would you continue to work with Fanbytes in the future?

Yes, I have all but halted my media spend on other platforms.

Users Acquired

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