Turning Up the Swipe Ups for MyMy Music with Vertical Video

The Problem

MyMy Music, a hip hop focussed music streaming app, had already seen great results on Snapchat using our mobile apps ad formats which they'd been using for the last 6 months. Although driving

The Solution

Vertical video is being heralded as one of the most effective forms of content marketing for social media- the format fits hand in hand with how users browse their social media feeds, vertically. As experts in effective social media campaigns, we decided to try out the vertical video format for MyMy Music.

Our creative team put together a concept for MyMy Music, a sponsored Snapchat show based on MyMy Music's 'hot or not' music rating feature. We got together 4 Gen Z volunteers and got them to listen to a number of different hip hop tracks, which they would then have to rate as 'hot' or 'not'. The video was filmed entirely in vertical format so that it would fit in seamlessly into our audience's Snapchat feed.

The video was then distributed on our owned and operated Snapchat channels, which entertain millions of daily viewers.

The Result

The results we saw from this uber creative campaign were absolutely mind blowing! The sponsored show reached over 2million viewers, and what's more, it generated over 28,000 swipe ups to install the app.

This campaign definitely proved that vertical video is an extremely effective and engaging marketing tool- long gone are the days of horizontal!

Swipe Ups

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