How we helped NCS’s lens become one of the most engaged on Snapchat

What was the campaign goal?

NCS, an annual character building programme aimed at 15-17 year olds in the UK, had developed a Snapchat lens in promotion for their 2017 programme. This would have been a useful marketing tool had they the means to distribute it effectively and meaningfully, and it was for this very reason that they reached out to Fanbytes for aide. Looking to increase awareness and engagement amongst 14-17 year olds in the UK, and via their bespoke Snapchat lens, they asked us to help advertise their brand.

What did we do?

Employing help from notable and relevant influencers, we distributed a 10 second sandwich ad on Snapchat which promoted the NCS programme and offered viewers an enticing incentive: users who presented the most creative snaps featuring the NCS lens would be considered to win a pair of Snapchat spectacles. The campaign would help raise awareness for NCS and transform the audience into ambassadors for the brand and its programme.

Key KPIs

The campaign was a roaring success, helping circulate the NCS brand via their filter, which become one of the most engaged on Snapchat during campaign dates. The sandwich ad warranted great user involvement, moving almost half of the audience to use the filter in their own snaps after seeing the campaign.




Completion Rate


Filter Usage Rate