How Oevo Drove 8x Cheaper CPIs than Snapchat Ads through Snapchat Influencers

What was the campaign goal?

Following a months long process of perfecting their app, Oevo needed a stable, efficient way to advertise their platform to a 13-17 year old male demographic in the US. Having achieved all too high $3-$4 CPIs across a variety of marketing platforms, Oevo approached Fanbytes in need of a campaign that raised awareness of the app while keeping costs low.

What was the campaign goal?

Recognising Snapchat influencer involvement as a cost-effective, natural technique for engaging the target demographic, we developed a two snap ad campaign that sung Oevo’s praises in an organic priming snap before showing viewers a energetic ten second ad to provide a professional depiction of what the app is all about.



The campaign was a great success in terms of providing a price conscious space for Oevo to advertise. Over the course of months of showcasing different ad campaigns across Snapchat, we generated millions of views and reduced Oevo’s CPI from a costly $3-$4 down to a mere $0.49 average.


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