Boosting streams for

Patrick Martin with a TikTok challenge

What was the campaign goal?

WMA were looking for a creative way to drive buzz around Patrick Martin, and drive streams of his new single ‘Cinema Love’ to a global audience of 13-21 year olds. It’s a notoriously tricky target audience to reach with a very narrow attention span, so the campaign needed to be fun and engaging.

What did we do?

We knew that a TikTok challenge was the perfect way to engage this audience. The track is bold and catchy, and the love theme allows fans to share something that they love with their TikTok followers. We also knew that the challenge format is a great way to boost streams for an artist. Using a catchy snippet of the chorus gives users a taste of what the track is like, and encourages them to search on streaming platforms to hear the full version of the track.


Influencers were selected based on the brief and the target audience of the track. Once approved by the label, we had our team in place to make the campaign happen. Using the influencers’ experience and our expertise, we were able to come up with a challenge that we knew would perform well on TikTok.


There was a TikTok filter available on the app that placed the user inside a film reel, taking snaps along the way. It fit perfectly with the cinema theme of the song, so we incorporated it into the challenge. The influencers then created videos using the filter, showing their affection to someone they love. Each video used the official ‘Cinema Love’ track in the background, and included the hashtag #CinemaLove.


Influencers posted their videos at the same time to create impact and momentum for the challenge. When the influencers’ followers saw the new challenge, many decided to get involved. They recorded and uploaded their own videos using the same track, hashtag, and filter, as can be seen in the video of UGC content. We also worked with a partner to post the track to curated music channels on TikTok, helping it gain traction on the platform and also boosting the number of people searching for the track on streaming platforms.


The campaign was a blockbuster success, with over 1K fans uploading their version of the challenge (linking to the official ‘Cinema Love’ track of course), combining for a total of almost 2M views on the hashtag. As well as the great results on TikTok, we were able to work with WMA to track and attribute a boost in streams for the song on Spotify throughout the course of the campaign. As you can see from the screenshot below, daily Spotify streams doubled at the impact moment of the campaign.




Daily Streams on Spotify


Fan Uploads Using the Track

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