Boosting Streams for Patrick Martin with a TikTok Challenge

What was the brief?

WMA were looking for a creative way to drive buzz around Patrick Martin, and drive streams of his new single “Cinema Love” to a global audience of 13-21 year olds. We knew that a TikTok challenge was the perfect way to engage this audience which can often be challenging to target successfully.

Users of #cinemalove

X2 Daily Streams on Spotify

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What was the plan?

We created a TikTok challenge that utilised a film reel filter that was available on the app, it fit perfectly with the ‘cinema’ theme of the song and we asked influencers to use this while showing affection towards someone they love. This, paired with the official “Cinema Love” track in the background and the hashtag #CinemaLove.

What was the result?

The campaign was a success, with nearly 2M views of the hashtag and with over 1K fans creating their own versions of the challenge. The success didn’t end on TikTok though – our campaign also resulted in a clear increase in streams of the song on Spotify too.