Driving Streams for Petit Biscuit with the #ShowYourParadise TikTok Challenge

5.4m Views on #showyour

1.7m Influencer Views

User Generated

Who are the company?

mTheory wanted to cultivate engagement around their artist Petit Biscuit and increase interest from a younger audience. They wanted to focus specifically on his new song ‘Sunset Lover’ to drive this engagement and encourage the creation of user generated content.

What was the plan?

Our campaign was directed at UK, US and Mexico users, so we decided to create a challenge based on the summery vibes ‘Sunset Lover’ gave us and the theme was ‘showing your paradise’ whether that be the beach, the poolside or at home with your family. The campaign was tied together with the #showyourparadise hashtag and our influencers encouraged fans to show us their own personal Paradise.

What was the result?

The campaign was super successful, with the hashtag receiving 5.1M views, compared to the 1.7M views directly on our influencer videos. Showing that our campaign reached much further than just our original influencers, it also inspired 1.1K user-generated videos creating a high level of organic engagement with the campaign.