Who are PixPax?

Kodak’s new app PixPax lets users print polaroid-style pictures straight from their camera roll for free, paying only for p&p. They wanted to reach a 16-25 year old audience in the UK. Lets see how we facilitated Kodak’s needs in the campaign breakdown below. 

1.3k Swipe Up

47% CPI Reduction

+15% AOV

What was the plan?

We identified Snapchat & Instagram as the perfect platforms for this campaign. A vibrant motion graphic visual with a driving beat was delivered using our sandwich ad format, placed between two snaps of the influencer talking about the new app in a non-intrusive way. Our trademark Snapchat ad format is a great way to engage if you want to avoid a hard sale or direct advertising approach.


What was the result?

This campaign results were a pretty picture. Driving 13,000 swipe ups to the app with a 15% increase in average order value compared to traffic from Facebook.

Our campaign enabled Kodak to engage with a younger audience and tap into the influencer’s communities whilst simultaneously boosting sales.