Beating Plato’s Competition with a Number 1. Trending Lens


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What is the company?

Plato, a mobile gaming app, were looking for a way to drive awareness in a unique way and wanted to permeate the culture of their 13-17 year old audience on a global scale, and increase brand awareness so that their name was the go to for mobile gaming.

A game called ‘Werewolf’ had just been launched on the app, which saw users in a small village trying to guess who among is a werewolf.

What was the plan?

To really create a buzz around ‘Werewolf’ we created two campaigns surrounding this game. Firstly, we created the ‘Haunted Cabin’ lens; a virtual 3D environment which users could explore with their phone camera. This produced an immersive environment for the user. However, for our second campaign we created a lens featuring a werewolf that howled and could be used in videos on Snapchat increasing the shareability of the lens. Both lenses were released through our Snapchat channels.

What was the result?

Both campaigns were massive successes and both to the number 1 slot on the Snapchat Lens Creator charts. The ‘Haunted Cabin’ lens garnered 2.38 million views, 177.7k scans and 62.2k shares. The werewolf lens saw 3.18 million views, 187K scans and 100.3K shares, which gave both of the lenses the momentum to rise to the top of the rankings. Following the campaign, Plato was also mentioned in a Business Insider article about AR lens creators.

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