How AR made Plato No.1 on Snapchat

Why Augmented Reality?

With the rollout of Lens Studio by Snapchat in December 2017, we were eager to explore how this new advertising channel could reach audiences in a fun, engaging way. Traditional marketing relies on showing the audience an image or a video, but ultimately, it’s a passive form of consumption. Augmented Reality, however, invites the target audience to interact and engage with the AR object, thus leaving a lasting impression on them in regards to the promotional message. After performing several tests of this concept, we invited Plato to utilize Augmented Reality to raise awareness about Plato in a unique and organic way.

What did we do?

Our goal was to make the lens as engaging and fun as possible. We identified ‘Werewolf’ as one the most popular games in the Plato app and designed the Lens according to that specific game. After the Lens was created, it was time for distribution.

One advantage of AR Lenses is that one person can take a snap of them using the Lens and upload to their story, and every single one of their friends on Snapchat will be able to see and use the Lens themselves. If the Lens is engaging and fun, one does not need to worry about distribution, since it will be shared organically. As such, after the lens was created, we shared the lens fewer than 100 times (on our influencer and media channels) and then sat back to see what would happen.


Over the lifetime of the campaign, the lens was shared over 99K times, without including the initial 100 shares by the Fanbytes Network. That means that the vast majority of the “shares” achieved were organic and thus free for our client Plato. Ultimately, the Lens we created achieved millions of views, and in turn, we observed our audience uploading snaps of them interacting and enjoying our Lens. Traditional marketing campaigns focus on getting a certain promotional message in front of as many people as possible. Our AR campaigns focus on creating something immensely cool and letting our audience distribute our promotional message to their friends in a genuine and organic way.







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