Setting Plato apart from the rest with a trending lens

What was Plato's goal?

Plato, a mobile gaming app, were looking for a way to drive awareness in a unique way. They wanted to stand out in the saturated mobile gaming market, but weren’t sure how to really make an impact. A game called ‘Werewolf’ had just been launched on the app, which saw users in a small village trying to guess who among is a werewolf. Plato wanted to permeate the culture of their 13-17 year old audience on a global scale, and increase brand awareness so that their name was the go to for mobile gaming.

What did we do?

To really create a buzz for Plato, we created the ‘Haunted Cabin’ lens; a virtual 3D environment which users could interact with. Once users scanned the Snapcode to access the lens, they could explore a 3D virtual Haunted Cabin through their phone’s camera–this would truly immerse Plato’s audience into the world of their game.


We created the lens for Plato by using our in-house design network, which consists of top quality AR designers who can create the amazing lenses fit for any campaign.


Our design team works efficiently, and this lens only took one week to make. AR lenses on Snapchat allow users to take pictures and videos, which they can share with their followers and friends. Once a handful of users start sharing snaps of the lens, the ball starts rolling and the campaign starts reaching further through the organic nature of Snapchat interaction.


After the conception of the lens, it was distributed on our channel network. This network consists of a number of Snapchat Channels which we own and manage. We provide the channels with a stream of content based on a particular category, like makeup or comedy. Promotional content is distributed on these channels between regular content, making it seem organic and non-invasive.


Our Snapchat channel network entertains millions of users daily; campaigns featured on our channels are guaranteed to be seen by, and engaged with by millions of people.


The ‘Haunted Cabin’ lens was introduced to the Snapchat audience through a countdown, which built up a sense of mystery excitement. The countdown was comprised of viewers being warned that ‘something is coming’, and a mysterious wolf silhouette which was gradually revealed as the countdown neared its end.


After the countdown was completed, the lens was launched on the platform. In order to nurture organic engagement, we launched a competition which offered viewers who submitted the best videos with the lens a chance to be featured on our channels. This competition encouraged users to engage with the lens by creating their own organic content which could be shared throughout their networks of friends and followers. This further increased the reach of and engagement with the lens.


After a week, the ‘Haunted Cabin’ lens garnered 2.38 million views, 177.7k scans and 62.2k shares; all of which resulted in the lens shooting to the no.1 trending spot amongst Snapchat’s community lenses. These results really helped Plato achieve its goal of increased brand awareness; and the organic nature of this growth inserted Plato into the culture of its audience.


The campaign also had great PR value for Plato, involving them in the hot topic of AR marketing. The success of the campaign saw them featured in a Business Insider article about AR lens creators.







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