How gaming app Plato reached out to Generation Z

What was the campaign goal?

Eager to reach out to a 13-17 year old demographic worldwide, Plato, a social gaming app, approached Fanbytes for a solution that would forgo their prior shortcomings. Previous advertising efforts on Facebook proved costly, racking up a CPI of over $4, so they needed a campaign that would maintain their quality user engagement, but for a smaller price tag.

What did we do?

We created meme-driven content that resonated with Gen Z, and we distributed this content through our network of lifestyle and comedy accounts. Featuring popular hits from the Plato app, such as the Werewolf game, we ensured we were taking advantage of the best available content enjoyed by similar audiences. The use of memes and messenger-style conversation resonated deeply with our audience, leading to consistent and promising results.


The campaign certainly achieved its goal of delivering engaging creative for pennies, acquiring an overall CPI of less than $1 and reducing Plato’s original CPI by over 75%. Over the course of a year, Fanbytes’ various campaigns for the client totalled over 8 million views collectively, guiding a steady and valuable flow of users to the Plato app.






CPI Reduction

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