How Poshmark reduced their CPI by 30% using Snapchat influencers

What was the campaign goal?

Poshmark, a clothing marketplace app catered to 18-25 year olds, reached out to Fanbytes in need of a Snapchat influencer campaign. They had previously used paid social channels but were disappointed by the results on these platforms and were made apprehensive by very high CPIs. Upon realising that most conventional avenues would prove costly in acquiring interest from the target demographic in the US, Poshmark came to rely on Fanbytes in developing an alternative solution.

What did we do?

In response to the problem, we proposed a snappy, ten second ad highlighting the functionality of the Poshmark app to be distributed via the pages of prominent, relevant Snapchat influencers. As reliable wellsprings of fashion knowledge, their assistance helped promote Poshmark to the audience in a way that felt genuine and trustworthy, compelling them to explore and invest in the brand.


The use of Snapchat as an advertising platform was key here, as its lesser tapped capabilities as a marketing tool meant a cheaper campaign for the client. A CPI reduction of 30% exceeded Poshmark’s money saving expectations, and this, combined with a view count surpassing 2 million, equated to a successful campaign that generated precious awareness for the Poshmark brand.


CPI Reduction