Getting Students Cashing in Organically




Swipe Ups


Decrease in CPA

The Problem

Quidco, a cashback site, was looking to get more signups to their service at as low a cost as possible. Quidco knew that they would do well if they were to target students, and so, wanted to turn to Snapchat to deploy their campaign. Having tried Snapchat ads which balooned their CPA, they turned to Fanbytes for an effective solution to reach students at scale.

What did we do?

Using our network of influencers, we created organic hype around the amazing deals that people could get on Quidco specifically focusing on the familiar brands like Nike and ASOS.

This combination of organic creative and relatable brand names led to a surge of traffic for Quidco resulting in strong CPAs and brand affinity.


Our organic influencer campaign absolutely smashed it for Quidco, with our 11 total influencers gaining an average click through rate of 3.7%.

Total purchases made from our influencer audiences outperformed those sent by other traffic sources resulting in a very happy client!