How Creating a New Internet Challenge Got Relentless Records 4K Swipe-Ups

What was the campaign goal?

Hoping to launch Nicky Jam’s already ubiquitous track, ‘X’, into something truly astronomical, Relentless Records needed a unique and memorable advertising approach that would engage the UK 13-19 year old demographic, help spread the song to a wider audience, and, most importantly, drive streams and downloads on a variety of music services.

What did we do?

Recognising we would need an out-of-the-box campaign to effectively engage with the target audience, we decided to conceptualise a dance challenge, akin to the likes of ‘flossing’, to help promote the song in a way which was fun and interactive.

A sandwich ad campaign was devised, which made use of some of the biggest music influencers on Snapchat, to help spread word of what was named ‘The X Challenge’, complete with a preview of the track and demonstrations of the dance, so that the audience could perform the challenge themselves.

Each influencer’s story concluded with the invitation to swipe up, and doing so would lead users to a landing page where they could stream or buy the track from a variety of apps.


The campaign was a great success, boasting a sky-high 97% completion rate, and a number of swipes, upward of 4,000. Contribution from ‘The X Challenge’ saw the official YouTube video for ‘X’ get past the 1-billion-view threshold.




Completion Rate


Swipe Ups