Igniting a Spark for Rita Ora’s ‘Phoenix’ through AR


Swipe Ups

Lens Shares

What was the Brief?

Rita Ora had just released her album Phoenix and Warner Music wanted to build buzz around the release and generate engagement with a teenage audience. They needed something that would really set them apart in the highly competitive pop market.

What was the plan?

Given the theme of the album we created a fiery AR lens which transformed the user into a Phoenix playing the lead single of the song “Let You Love Me” in the background. This lens was then distributed through targeted Snapchat influencers whose audience resonated with Rita Ora.

What was the result?


This level of immersiveness connected well with the audience on Snapchat leading to over 1 million views on the lens and 40,000 scans on the lens placing Rita Ora’s album firmly in the minds of Gen Z’s before album launch.