Igniting a Spark for Rita Ora’s ‘Phoenix’ through AR

What was the Brief?

Rita Ora, one of Warner Music Group’s biggest pop artists, had just released her new album ‘Phoenix’ featuring her UK top 10 hit ‘Let You Love Me.’ WMG were looking to gain traction around this new release and wanted something that would set them apart from the competitive pop market.


Swipe Ups

Lens Shares

What was the plan?

We decided a bespoke Snapchat AR lens that complemented the release would be perfect. We paired a 3D face lens that turned the user into a fiery phoenix whilst ‘Let You Love Me’ plays in the background. The lens was then distributed throughout our channels organically, with our channel influencers using the lens themselves.

What was the result?


The campaign outperformed Warner’s expectations, with the lens seeing 278% more views than expected. In total, the lens gained 1.89 million views, 40.1K Swipe ups to unlock and 17.3K shares. Rita Ora herself even posted a video of her using the lens on her own story!