How We Used Life Hacks To Drive Traffic and Awareness For SlugBooks

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What is SlugBooks?

SlugBooks is a website that helps college students save money on textbooks. It’s a comparison site that doesn’t actually sell anything but just provides all of the prices of rental and used books between all the major textbook sites so students know they are getting the best deal. They were looking to drive traffic to their website as well as raise awareness amongst 18-25 year olds in the US but were unsure how to reach their target audience.

What was the plan?

Due to the nature of SlugBooks product, a normal TikTok campaign based around a dance or lip-sync challenge would not be the right fit. We found the hashtag #collegehacks already on the trending page, which contained a series of life hacks videos specifically aimed at college students. The hashtag had over 25M views on it with videos performing particularly well and getting 500k+ views.

Using this insight, we activated several big US based influencers. They were selected for their audience demographics and having spoke about going to college/were at college in their previous content. They then created videos using the #collegehacks hashtag. To make it seem as organic as possible, they talked about SlugBooks as if they had discovered it themselves and they were letting their audience on a secret. They also made it clear that they weren’t actually promoting a product as SlugBooks didn’t actually sell anything and was a free service.

What was the result?

The results were fantastic with the influencers collectively getting over 1.2M+ views and over 186K+ hearts on their content. This equated to a staggering total watch time of 6K hours. 

The very organic style of content was very effective and sat very naturally in the hashtag feed. This meant it was very engaging and didn’t make people think it was an advert. The #collegehacks is still on the trending page of TikTok and has now grown to as massive 32M views. 

Slugbooks also reported an increase of 40% traffic to their website within 48 hours of the campaign going live. Due to the contextual nature of the campaign and it showing up in college hacks trends, they also reported an average increase of 28% traffic to the site for the next month of the campaign going live.