Learn how Fanbytes helped Sony Music engage 290,000 listeners with their new song

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The Problem

Sony wanted to drive awareness and engagement around "Healthy" by Pretty Much. Given the boys' audience of young teen girls they wanted a way to communicate with them in a way that felt natural and organic whilst driving people to stream.

The Solution

Increasing hype around PRETTYMUCH's new hit "Healthy" to a Gen Z audience was the challenge, and FanBytes responded by creating an innovatively designed AR “arrow” which people could shoot at their unhealthy pleasures. This played on the lyrics of the song where the band spoke about their unhealthy desires - in this case girls.

When the arrow then hit its target,  the soundtrack played resulting in the combination of both audio and video engagement.

This combination led to massive engagement clocking over 250k views with 10,000’s sharing with their friends within 24 hours.


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