Driving clicks for Swae Lee & Drake release ‘Won’t Be Late’




What was the problem?

Swae Lee and Drake were looking to make a bang for their new release ‘Won’t Be Late’. Already having a well established US audience they to were looking to reach a new 18-25 audience in the UK. Knowing that this would be quite difficult through a generic advertising campaign, their label Universal Music, enlisted the help of Fanbytes to reach the target audience.

What was the plan?

Having ran several similar campaigns for Universal before Fanbytes knew that Snapchat would be the perfect platform for reaching the audience as well as allowing a swipe up to link out to the record to push streams.

Understanding that more organic content performs better than a generic ‘swipe up to listen to this song’, our in house creative team decided that it would be best that the brief for the influencers was as open as possible. The only instructions were that the song was playing in the background and that they ‘vibed out’ or danced to it.

Allowing the influencers to interpret the brief in their own way made the advert sit very naturally in their feed and made the users experience feel more organic.

What was the result?

The campaign produced great results with it getting over 226,773 views, 8088 clicks and fantastic CTR of 3%. The nature of the content really gave the overall campaign a natural feel which was much more engaging for the audience than a generic influencer campaign.