Helping Young People Sift through Shifts on Syft with Snapchat Influencers

Who are Syft?

In the highly competitive world of temp staffing apps, Syft wanted a way of relating to their audience directly. They wanted to generate hype around the app among 18-25 year old students in the UK without hefty advertising costs so knew they needed an engaging campaign to do so.


Swipe Ups


What was the plan?

We saw Snapchat as the ideal platform for their campaign, as an app with a massive student base in the UK. We created a motion graphic visual, featuring some of the most recognisable companies Syft work with. Our influencers already had a large student following, so we got them onboard to execute our trademark Snapchat sandwich ad to create organic engagement.

What was the result?

With 165.7K views and 16.7K swipe ups to install, our campaign for Syft generated a click through rate of over 10%. This provided them with a considerable advantage in the competitive world of staffing and recruitment apps