How Fanbytes Uses Influencer TikTok Ads to Win the Hearts of Gen Z

Just because TikTok doesn’t have its own on-platform advertising product, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways you can promote your product on the popular social video app. There are actually a ton of different ways you can market your product to TikTok’s users, and we know exactly how to do just that. Here at Fanbytes we pride ourselves on finding creative ways to engage a Gen Z audience so that our clients are always one step ahead of their competitors. Our expertise allows us to come up with out-of-the-box creative solutions and tap into upcoming trends. We use our talented team of influencers to create engaging TikTok ads that generate outstanding results for our clients. 

Take a look at how we achieved massive success in the promotion of Major Lazer’s song ‘Cant Take it From Me’.

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The Goal?

mTheory are a US based artist development platform who came to us with a specific goal in mind. They were looking to create a buzz around Major Lazer’s new single ‘Can’t Take It From Me’ and target an engaged Gen Z audience. Having had amazing results from their previous Fanbytes TikTok campaign for Petit Biscuit, they wanted us to replicate that success and release the song with an absolute bang. 

What was the plan?

Given the energetic and inspiring sound and lyrics of the track, mTheory & Major Lazer wanted to create a TikTok challenge which would channel that to the audience. 

The result was the #canttakeitfromme challenge. The idea was to use sporty TikTokkers to create a video of them showing off their skills in a ball sport, whether that be football, basketball or rugby. To keep the challenge even closer to the song, each individual TikTokker had to stop their opponent from taking the ball from them, hence “can’t take it from me”.

Once we’d developed this campaign idea, we then invited influencers across the globe from UK, US and Mexico to take part in the campaign promoting it in an organic way to their audience.

What was the result?

The campaign was an absolute smash hit and exceeded already sky high expectations.  The hashtag not only gained 8 million views, but became one of TikTok’s trending hashtags with it being featured on the trending page. Our influencer’s videos saw 450k hearts with the overall campaign seeing over 2 million hearts on the campaign. At time of writing, over 40k videos had been created entering the challenge proving this to be a roaring success. It was clear that the challenge and song fit together perfectly and roused huge interest in the TikTok community.

See how we brought it all to life below!

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