Tik Tok Influencer Marketing: How we Helped Hily Reach New Customers on Social

With young people becoming more and more aware and in touch with the world around them, you need to do more than post a local ad in the newspaper to reach them. A lot of our clients come to us looking for a solution to this and we have it. Fanbytes believes that you have to be inspiring, engaging, and most importantly, relatable. We have found that Tik Tok influencer marketing is one of the best ways to achieve this. Tik Tok is known for hosting this type of content through its influencers, and therefore they are a great option for brands who are looking to engage Gen Z. We adopted this strategy for Hily, an up and coming dating app.

Check out the results from our Hily campaign below to see how easy it can be to engage a young audience on Tik Tok.

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The Goal?

Hily, an up and coming general dating app, approached us having already achieved a relatively impressive scale of users. Their core problem now was lowering UA costs for female users in a target audience of 18-25 year olds in the United States. So we created a TikTok campaign to engage this exact demographic.

What was the plan?

We allowed our influencers minds to go wild for this campaign, our only request was to utilise comedy when showcasing the app as we wanted to break down the barriers that dating apps can have while also creating engaging content that showcased the app. This way would we would maximise our user engagement.

What was the result?

The campaign was a success and some hilarious sketches were created from the brief, we outperformed the views with over 1 million views on the campaign all the while increasing awareness of the app.

Helping Brands Connect

Hily is just one example of how we have helped brands create interactive, engaging, and impactful campaigns. If you are interested in finding out how else we have helped brands tap into the mysterious world of Gen Z, then click here. 

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