Seeb's 'Drink About' Generates 7.8% CTR Thanks to Influencer-Based Campaign

Music & Film

What was the campaign goal?

Universal were hoping to generate hype for Seeb's song, 'Drink About', in a way that'd be interpreted as an uninvansive advertising experience. With the ultimate goal of driving 13-17 year olds to stream or download the track from various music platforms, they came to Fanbytes for help.

What did we do?

Identifying Snapchat as an online hive for the target demographic, we strategised to produce a compelling campaign that made use of this platform. A sandwich ad was developed, featuring prominent music influencers who praised 'Drink About' and encouraged their fans to swipe up and, subsequently, follow the respective link that would allow them to stream or download the track from their desired music platform.

Notable Results

The success of this campaign is corroborated by its glowing statistics. Almost 20k clicks(swipe-ups) attributed to the campaign suggest a respectable sum of streams via the campaign's destination page, and the high percentage click through rate paint the integrated, non-intrusive approach as integral to the campaign's triumph.


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