Driving App Installs for
Vestiaire Collective on TikTok

The Client

Vestiaire Collective is the leading global platform for pre-loved fashion items. With sustainability at their core and a motto of buy less, buy better, Vestiaire Collective post over 60,000 new items from over 5,000 designers per week, ranging from vintage and streetwear to haute couture, handbags and jewellery. And all at up to 70% off the retail price!

As well as buying and selling, the brand’s app is for users to engage and build their own community of like-minded fashion enthusiasts by following other’s profiles to stay up to date with their activity on the newsfeed.

The Challenge

Vestiaire Collective came to Fanbytes to promote their direct shipping service to US app users. The feature allows sellers to send their purchase straight to the buyer by opting out of authentication on all items under $500.

Vestiaire Collective wanted Fanbytes to increase their app downloads by promoting the free shipping, which meant reduced delivery time and carbon emissions.

With the campaign being launched during lockdown, it was going to be hard to make this deal speak louder than all the other fashion discounts being promoted through TikTok at the time. What’s more, luxury brands do not commonly market themselves through TikTok, so Fanbytes would have to keep the luxuriousness of Vestiaire Collective whilst appealing to a Gen Z audience.  


The Solution

By using 8 fashion forward and comedic influencers native to TikTok, including Nava Rose and Challxn, Fanbytes asked influencers to film content wearing a mix of Vestiaire Collective pieces, showcasing how they styled the pieces they had got from the app. This showed how easy it was to resell items using the new service. 

With some influencers using the popular green screen feature as a way to maximise engagement with strong call to actions through text, influencers highlighted the new direct shipping feature and its environmental benefits, encouraging fans to download the app and start purchasing. 

The Results

Vestiaire Collective saw a strong organic uplift in installs as well as reach spanning into the millions. The campaign achieved over 1M views which more than doubled Fanbytes’ guarantee of 500K views. 

On influencer posts, the campaign reached 7.8M+ views and achieved a total of 1.3M views, receiving 173K+ hearts and 1851 comments.

All of this led to a strong engagement rate of 14.37% and an ad conversion rate of 18.98%.

Why It Worked

As you can see from the example influencer videos, each piece of content that was created for this campaign had the Vestiaire Collective clothes centre stage. The styling of the clothes really appealed to each influencer’s followers which you can see from the comments below. Each influencer had their own creative take on how to demonstrate the aspects of the app to their viewers and this resulted a very high view and heart rating.

Fanbytes picked some of the top US fashion creators, including Nava Rose who is known for her smooth transitions and cool style, making her the perfect fashion creator to have on the campaign. Nava’s fans follow her for outfit inspiration and style tips.  

Natalia is a lifestyle and fashion creator who takes part in challenges and regular TikTok trends whilst always dressing well. Her fans regularly engage with her content due to the comedic and relatable nature of her videos but will also comment about her outfits and ask where she shops to find out more about her style. Her swift transitions in the video she made for the Vestiaire Collective campaigns were eye catching and kept the viewer hooked. 

Here are some of the comments on influencer’s posts: