How Warner Bros used an AR lens to make ads more interactive


Warner Bros were looking to tap into organic engagement around ICY GRL, the latest track by hip-hop artist Saweetie, whose core audience is 13-25 year old girls. Given the demographics, Warner decided that Snapchat was the ideal platform on which to advertise, and that AR lenses would be the perfect format to use.


We designed an AR lens based on the hook of the song: “I’m icy, wifey haters wanna fight me/charging by the minute cause my time is very pricey”.

The lens showed “icy diamonds” raining down on the screen and when tapped, the diamonds turned into green dollar bills. We then distributed this through our influencer network.

Results Recap

Within hours of distributing it from our owned channels, 10,000’s of people started creating their own snaps featuring our lens and putting them on their story.

Unlike typical ad campaigns where the audience is passively consuming the ad, in this instance over 150,000 users scanned the lens and uploaded it to their personal stories for their friends to see. At the end of the campaign over 1 million people had viewed our lens.


Views of the lens


Scans of the Lens