Driving installs through Snapchat for student app Whatuni?



Reduction of 60%

Who are Whatuni?

Whatuni helps students find universities and courses comprehensive data. They were looking to drive app downloads among 13-18 year olds in the UK. After experimenting with a variety of platforms, Whatuni approached Fanbytes to help translate their message to a space that would gel better with the target demographic and prove more cost-efficient than pricey channels such as Facebook or Instagram.

What was the plan?

Recognising it as a watertight method of connecting with the target demographic, we zoned in on our famed Snapchat sandwich ad concept in response to this brief. Enlisting relevant influencers as ambassadors of the Whatuni service, we distributed a high energy, ten second snap that used memes and pop culture references to provide for the audience an organic and engaging advertising experience. As an untapped resource for advertisements such as these, we hoped that Snapchat as a platform would prove more cost-efficient than other popular social media channels.

What was the result?

The campaign proved a success, directing more than 7,000 users to the app landing page and giving Whatuni a surge in terms of downloads. The campaign also met the client’s request in regards to cost-efficiency, achieving a CPI reduction of 60% working out at £1.04, and undercutting other, more expensive advertising platforms.