How YouGov made surveys cool

What was the campaign goal?

YouGov, a government focused polling and discussion platform, were looking for a way to contemporise politics and make it appear accessible to the 15-18 and student demographics within the UK. Working from the basis that YouGov could be a resource for students to make extra cash, they needed that extra push from Fanbytes to help deliver their message in a way that wasn’t mystifying or invasive from the target audience’s perspective.

What did we do?

We used our Sandwich Ad format to encourage users to sign up to the YouGov site. By featuring Lil Wayne’s song ‘A Milli’ as the backing track, we revamped YouGov’s image into something edgier and more relevant to the audience’s interests. Influencer involvement helped build hype for the bran in a way that felt familiar to the audience, and conversationally informed them as to how YouGov could be a reliable money maker.

Key KPIs

This campaign was a great success for YouGov, securing a 95.3% completion rate, an above average 4.4% CTR and a particularly low £0.05 CPC. Overall, the campaign helped raise awareness for a brand at odds with its target audience’s interests, and positioned YouGov as an accessible, relevant platform for young people and students, regardless of their prior involvement with politics.




Completion Rate