How Fanbytes Helped Yubo Kill Their Snapchat Game

The Client

Yubo is a Gen Z-focused social app that helps users make friends and build communities online through video live streaming, chats and games. Yubo has experienced strong growth, with 25 million users and being regularly featured in the Top 10 Social Networking apps. 

The Challenge

Having recently secured a £10million funding round, Yubo wanted to continue their app’s growth in the US market. They wanted to reach 13-24 year olds in that market to drive awareness and most importantly conversions/installs for their app on Snapchat.

As digital natives, Yubo’s target audience are already spoilt for choice when it comes to social apps with the likes of Snapchat, Instagram & Houseparty. In addition to this driving installs for mobile applications has become increasingly expensive on social media due to the saturation and high competition for advertising spots on the likes Instagram & Facebook. 

Considering this, Yubo were looking for an expert partner to help them stand out from the crowd, engage Gen Z on their native platforms and ultimately drive app installs. 

The Solution

To increase installs for Yubo, we ran a multi-platform campaign. On Snapchat, we used our organic and compelling creatives from the TikTok element to distribute across our Snapchat media pages. These encouraged users to download Yubo and start creating new friendships.

But we didn’t stop there. We A/B tested the different creatives, constantly monitoring performance and scaling gradually using our special data-driven approach. This approach ensured that the audience will only see the most compelling creatives and messaging, helping Yubo achieve a more cost effective CPI.

The Results

The results? Very impressive.

The core objective of the campaign was to raise awareness around the product and drive app installs for their Gen Z audience. In this regard, the campaign beat all targets.

The campaign drove over 10,000 app installs overall and beat our guaranteed views by 100% with an astounding 11 million views just on Snapchat. In addition to this, we saw a CPC of £0.19 on Snapchat.

Most importantly, the campaign delivered a cost effective CPI, decreasing Yubo’s optimal install costs by 7% and beating the US industry average by 20%.

Why It Worked

Through a combination of multi-platform content and A/B testing, we were able to create an innovative and effective campaign.

To target a younger audience, we knew that this killer combination would give results. Using Snapchat’s platform where it’s been shown that younger generations hang out up to 30 times per day, we created undeniable results.

Our data-driven creatives allowed us to expand our reach to over 11 million views on Snapchat and successfully introduced Yubo to consumers on the platform.

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