ACCA x fanbytes

How we got a big Gen Z audience to consider a career in accounting







The client

Platforms Instagram, TIKTOK

Services Influencer marketing, social creative

Territory UK

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a leading professional accountancy body with over 100 years of history. At the forefront of accounting qualifications, they have over 200,000 members and work with 500,000 students across the world. 

The challenge

‘We need to get Gen Z to engage with accounting.’

Despite global recognition, ACCA has had a major challenge when it comes to attracting younger audiences. 

ACCA came to Fanbytes for a fresh and exciting approach to their youth marketing; an approach that would help them attract the next generation of members, as well as understand the current barriers to doing this.

The solution

Our initial step was to help the client understand Gen Z’s perceptions of a career in finance, and specifically accounting.

We worked with influencers to run polls on their Instagram Stories, and with lots of responses, we were able to build more contextual insights and views of accountancy. 

The results revealed a common misconception around accountants; that they are mainly ‘older’, ‘white’, and from a ‘privileged background’. This confirmed that we needed to work with influencers from diverse backgrounds who could dispel these stereotypes.


Now we had confirmed that there was indeed a big disconnect between Gen Z’s perception of accounting and the reality, our next step was to deliver a disruptive activation that would get a large Gen Z audience to engage with ACCA to help change this.


We recommended TikTok as the best platform to use for two reasons:

  1. Its huge Gen Z audience (the platform had recently exploded in popularity) 
  2. Its platform ‘personality’. Unique to other platforms, TikTok really encourages creators to be fun and humorous in their delivery – even around more serious topics – and we thought this would be a great way to show accounting in a new light. 


We chose influencers from a diverse range of socio-economic backgrounds. We wanted people who didn’t look like the ‘typical’ accountants; people who would fit the mould and break down stereotypes. 

We also chose influencers who were able to share a personal and relatable story that would encourage viewers to sign up to ACCA’s event in partnership with the Guardian for more information. And most importantly, we asked them to create content in a way that was true to them and their audiences.

The results







We massively exceeded our goals and KPIs for this campaign, including:

  • Brand awareness: Over-achieved the KPI of 1 million views with 1.5 million views.
  • Engagement: We had a high number of comments and interactions with our influencers from their Gen Z audience. The engagement rate for TikTok was 14.95% -higher than industry average for engagement. We also achieved nearly 10K click throughs to the event page on Eventbrite.
  • Conversions: We successfully achieved the highest number of sign-ups for a Guardian event, and soon began working on another event for ACCA off the back of this success.


Ultimately, our goal was to drive massive brand awareness and engagement with ACCA, as well as help them change perceptions of accounting amongst Gen Z. This was successfully achieved and we are now ACCA’s go-to Gen Z partner.