‘It’s Raining Them’: Celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community on TikTok

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'It's Raining Them': Celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community on TikTok


Music streaming app Deezer wanted to drive streams for Mila Jam’s single, ‘It’s Raining Them’; an LGBTQ+ inclusive remix of The Weather Girls’ classic anthem, ‘It’s Raining Men’.


Our social listening and data tool, Bytesights, identified 67,000 verified users on TikTok that regularly user LGBTQ+ related hashtags. Our team then drilled down to select the most popular creators, fastest-growing accounts, the most relevant hashtags, and the most actively-engaged users.

We then tasked our final 39 hand-picked influencers with replicating Mila Jam’s TikTok dance, creating organic content to their followers, and encouraging UGC, while the Fanbytes team amplified the best-performing creatives through paid ads. 


The diverse talent carefully selected by Fanbytes across the UK and the US was hugely effective, and we successfully achieved 7.1 million organic influencer views + 9.1 million views from paid ads and boosting.

The creative itself was also very well received by TikTokers; average engagement rate for paid ads is 3% and our content achieved double this at 6%.

Users loved the content and there were over 75,000 clicks to Mila Jam’s single on the Deezer app, as well as 650,000 hearts on TikTok. There were also thousands of positive comments showing appreciation for the song’s message of inclusivity. 


“We loved working with the Fanbytes team who took our brief and went above and beyond. They really understood our vision to work with a diverse range of influencers in order to bring our campaign to life, and shared our enthusiasm when it came to supporting and uplifting the LGBTQ+ community. 

Throughout the whole campaign process, the team was on top of communication, responsive and able to adapt and pivot the approach as we progressed. We look forward to working with the Fanbytes team again on future campaigns!”

Laura Pratt, Global Social Media Manager, Deezer


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650K hearts
75K clicks

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