How we drove brand awareness for Lelo on a new platform - and unlocked incredible user sentiment.

The client

Lelo is a Swedish intimate lifestyle company known for its upmarket sex toys, BDSM accessories and massage products.

The challenge

“Take sex toys to TikTok”

The most recent additions to Lelo’s product range are the Enigma, a dual-action vibrator, and the Sila, a sonic massager. The challenge was to attract an 18+ audience in the US and UK, and create mass brand awareness and buzz on TikTok for the new products.

This was Lelo’s first foray into TikTok marketing, and Fanbytes saw it as an opportunity to deepen their understanding of Lelo’s audience and genuinely connect with them. 

Fanbytes harnessed TikTokers’ high engagement rates to drive clicks and traffic to Lelo’s website, accessed via a link in influencers’ bios over a 48-hour period. 


The solution

Fanbytes developed a project to discover the kind of content that resonates best with Lelo’s brand and audience. We leveraged our knowledge of TikTok communities to identify three niches that would boost user sentiment while driving awareness of Lelo’s products.

  1. We identified humour as a high-performing niche for Lelo, as TikTok is a comedy-first platform. We tapped into influencers’ comedic skills to drive intrigue. Fanbytes also drew upon TikTok’s couples content niche, as this community rewards pinnacle content with high engagement.
  2. We used Fanbytes’ Bytesights tool to uncover that #girltalk was a topic with growing popularity. we used this insight to develop content with an honest, educational angle that was guaranteed to trend.
  3. We worked with highly-enthused influencers for 35-40 second-long videos. The campaign drew intrigue and highlighted Lelo through humour, education and honesty; traits that consistently draw high engagement rates.

The Results

The campaign was a huge success, exceeding guaranteed view deliverables by 100%

We achieved a huge 1.8 million views, as well as 13,000 clicks and a 65% engagement rate (exceeding industry standards by 10%). We not only smashed our target, but we created content that users loved in the process.

This was the first time Lelo had engaged in TikTok marketing, and it more than paid off: as well as increasing brand awareness, brand sentiment went through the roof. TikTokers shared their love for the content through glowing comments as well as high traffic and click-through rates.

Through knowing which content will resonate with their audience, brands not only unlock awareness and sales. They can foster a long-lasting and rewarding relationship with their audience.


Client Testimonial

“The team at Fanbytes exceeded my every expectation! Since Lelo is a sexual wellness brand, we often come across censorship obstacles, especially on platforms such as TikTok. Fanbytes helped us tremendously.”





March 2021




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