How we reached Gen Z gamers on TikTok and Instagram


As one of the world’s leading video game companies, Ubisoft’s mission is to enrich the lives of players by creating memorable and meaningful experiences. In October 2021, Ubisoft released Riders Republic, an extreme sport fantasyland adventure game. 


Ubisoft approached Fanbytes by Brainlabs with the challenge to successfully build a ‘social media buzz’ around the launch of Riders Republic to a UK audience on TikTok and Instagram Reels. From snowboarding to wingsuits, the game allows players to access an open world sports paradise. 

The dynamic nature of the game meant that our gaming experts were able to deliver a high-energy, unique creative strategy to drive hype around it on TikTok and Instagram. Our main goal was to drive user interaction with the game leading to positive brand awareness from the activations amongst casual and hardcore gamers, as well as extreme sports fans. 


We used our award-winning Creator Identification technology, part of Bytesights (our in-house trendspotting and social listening tool) to carefully select the most relevant creators including extreme sport creators based in the UK. This enabled us to produce bespoke content that reached TikTok and Instagram’s gaming communities to engage this audience.

As part of our highly innovative creative strategy for this campaign, we leveraged the reach of global athletes representing Great Britain including olympian Kye Whyte who was a silver medallist in the 2020 Summer Olympics. In addition, our extreme sport creators created hyper-visual content, attempting the tricks shown on the game in real life. 


The client was extremely pleased with the results of this campaign, which drove over 1.5M views and over 68K hearts. This led to a significant increase in the gaming community’s awareness of Riders Republic on TikTok and Instagram. 

We received an overwhelming amount of positive fan sentiment about the game and it was clear that many users were ‘hyped’ for the launch as shown in the 1.4K comments generated. 

Finally, a key highlight of the campaign was how brilliantly it was received by our creators who went on to produce bonus content around the game. The creators loved Riders Republic so much that they proactively delivered even more content to their own audiences. This standout content amassed an additional 277K views and 21K hearts. 


“The team at Fanbytes are extremely approachable, and they strike the perfect balance between the client and agency dynamic. We have a great open relationship with them and they are an absolute pleasure to work with. They know this market and these social platforms inside out which makes them an invaluable extension of our team.”

Livvy Garner, UK Communications Manager at Ubisoft


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