ZURU x fanbytes

How we leveraged Europe's first TikTok creator house to drive a huge 25% engagement rate for Mini Brands.




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Platforms Tiktok

Services Influencer marketing, BYTESQUAD, paid ads

Territory UK

ZURU is a disruptive and award-winning company that designs, manufactures and markets innovative toys. Mini Brands are miniature collectibles of popular shopping brands that experienced huge viral success on TikTok following their launch in the US. 

The challenge

Having amassed over 700 million views on TikTok, they were faced with the dilemma of figuring out how to capitalise on this viral traction. The main question on their lips was: how do we avoid being a one hit TikTok wonder and spark virality on the other side of the pond?

This is where Fanbytes came in. To catapult Mini Brands further into success and dominate the UK landscape, we collaborated with Playtime PR to continue its thriving momentum from the US. 

The solution

Such an unconventional toy needed an unconventional marketing strategy to fortify engagement with Gen Z. This is why we employed our Bytesquad, Europe’s first-ever TikTok creator house that bolsters a following of a combined 25million+ amongst them, to deliver blockbuster results in a three-phased TikTok activation. 


We asked the Bytesquad to pretend to move into a new house whilst showing realistic close up shots of their new rooms. At the end of the clip, viewers found out that the rooms were actually Mini Brands products in a big reveal. This compelled viewers to re-watch the video to identify how they were ‘pranked’. This concept resulted in higher watch times, completion rates and views, which are all key metrics recorded by the algorithm, pushing the creative further onto users’ ‘for you’ page.


We leveraged a popular TikTok challenge format to encourage fan participation. They were challenged to find the real brand products to match with the Mini Brands in Tesco’s and supporting supermarkets. 

To deliver a 100% optimised campaign, we asked our specialised paid ads team to distribute these creatives further. The aim of this phase was to organically highlight that Mini Brands could be bought in Tesco and encourage user-participation with an innovative TikTok challenge.

PHASE three

Following the success of the Bytesquad activations, we decided to leverage our wider talent community and employ creators from Bytesized Talent – our talent arm and largest TikTok talent management agency in the UK.

This activation was rolled out over a few months during the festive season operating a combination of sponsored and organic posts. Using our Bytesights tool as a guide, we asked influencers to combine the wildly popular #unboxing [13.3 billion views], which saw a 17.2% increase in engagement during that time, & #ASMR [110.9 billion views] trends to create satisfying festive content. 


Zuru’s Mini Brands may be mini, but the results are anything but. Mini Brands were able to organically insert themselves into the world of TikTok whilst simultaneously building positive brand connotations and accessing a community of fans it didn’t have access to previously.







phase one

1.6m views | 25% engagement rate (74.8% higher than TikTok average of 14.3%)

phase two

890k views | 13.95% engagement rate

phase three

11.5 million sponsored views | 918,000 organic views | 16.89% engagement rate | 6.7% increase in engagement on the #minibradns hashtag during the time we activated