10 Popular TikTok Songs Right Now In 2020

Fanbytes have helped… TikTok – Music = non-existent. Music is the bedrock of TikTok, so choosing the right song for your videos are imperative to your overall performance and success on the app. Here are 10 of the most popular TikTok songs right now that your brand should be using:  10 popular TikTok songs right […]

How Brands Can Use TikTok In 2020: A Quick Guide

Fanbytes have helped… Wondering how brands can use TikTok in 2020? It’s been a challenging year for businesses everywhere, but one platform that has still shone through the confusion is TikTok.  This is a quick guide you need to get the most of the platform this year.   In this article: 1. Inject creativity into trending […]

5 Things Marketers On TikTok Can Learn From Jason Derulo

Fanbytes have helped… Jason Derulo = TikTok’s ‘It Boy’ So, we all know Jason is a man of many talents.  Most of the time he is a chart-topping singer-superstar, an insanely talented dancer, and now, as it seems, a TikTok marketing magician.  He’s managed to acquire a massive 21 million followers and has recently revealed […]

Top 3 Clothing Brands On TikTok That Are Killing It

Fanbytes have helped… TikTok is your runway… We’ve talked about the top three TikTok clothing trends, and this week, we’re talking brands. Here are 4 clothing brands on TikTok who really know how to shine. In this article: 1. Pretty Little Thing: interactive giveaways 3. Selfridges: Bringing luxury to Gen-Z 4. ASOS: Cultural relevance and […]

EXPLAINED: How To Hack The TikTok Algorithm And Go Viral

There are usually a few key reasons as to why a video your TikTok isn’t doing as well as you’d had hoped. It’s not because you’re unlucky or necessarily because the users don’t like you, it’s usually because you are not creating content for TikTok’s algorithm.  At Fanbytes, our job is to keep an eye […]

3 TikTok Clothing Trends Your Brand Needs To Know About in 2020

In this article: Trend #1: Athleisure: Loungin’ around Trend #2: The VSCO girl: Life’s a beach Trend #3: Sustainable fashion: DIY fashion hacks Is ‘TikTok’ clothing a thing? With people stuck indoors thanks to the pandemic, more teens than ever are turning to TikTok for entertainment. Unless you’re new to the network, you’ll notice: a […]

The 3 Secrets To Running Paid Ads On TikTok That Convert

Rolled out in 2019, TikTok announced in-feed paid ads that appear on users ‘For You’ page, allowing advertisers to directly drive website traffic, sales, and app downloads. This presents marketers with new, diverse opportunities. With a very competitive average CPM/CPC, at Fanbytes we have exclusive, beta access to the platform, and have been able to drive quality […]

How To Get Your Music On TikTok And Go Viral In 3 Steps

Fanbytes have helped… Want to earn Old Town Road status on TikTok? If you’re wondering how to get your music on TikTok, these are the three steps you need to follow. In this article: Step #1: Leverage text memes Step #2: Use influencers to create community Step #3: Use the power of parents Step #1: […]

TikTok-approved Beauty Products & How They Went Viral

Fanbytes have helped… Where are Gen Z getting their beauty advice? TikTok of course! Beauty and skincare brands such as Lime Crime, Fenty Beauty, The Ordinary and more have been flocking to TikTok in the past year with trends such as beauty hacks, creative makeup looks and 1 minute makeup tutorials taking centre stage. What’s […]

The Evolution Of TikTok During Covid-19

So, here’s the deal… One huge consequence of the pandemic: TikTok numbers have exploded!  Average watch time of Coronavirus content has increased by 75%, with average views shooting up by 70% week on week. The time it takes to grow to 50,000 fans has even shortened massively.  Our lives have become all about ensuring we […]