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We’ve talked about the top three TikTok clothing trends, and this week, we’re talking brands. Here are 4 clothing brands on TikTok who really know how to shine.

1. Prettylittlething: interactive giveaways

Boasting 736k followers and a whopping 9.2M likes on TikTok, it’s safe to say UK fast-fashion brand Prettylittlething (PLT) is doing pretty well for themselves! With an eye-catching feed reflecting their colourful brand identity, PLT use a blend of giveaways and product spotlight videos to engage their followers. By encouraging users to tag friends in comments under giveaway videos, PLT keep existing followers interested whilst simultaneously expanding their reach beyond this immediate pool. 

It’s not all product shots – the team regularly shares uplifting content such as ‘self-care tips’ on their feed. Given Gen-Z are known for watching videos to de-stress, this is a pretty smart move.

What’s more, they are seen using tools and features that are native to the platform such as custom sounds and transitions. This helps their content fit seamlessly into the app and come across as an organic video idea rather than a sponsored post. 

They are also quick and reactive. TikTok churns out new trends every single day and for a brand to be successful on the app, you have to know what’s popping and jump on the ones appropriate for your brand as soon as possible. Pretty Little Thing was able to do this for the #britneychallenge which was a massive challenge last year. They created some really engaging pieces of content and because of that, their view count went through the roof and the algorithm boosted it so it was shown to even more people. 

2. Selfridges: Bringing luxury to Gen-Z

Well-established high-end retailer Selfridges isn’t missing out, with 98.5k followers and 1.9M likes on TikTok. The Selfridges team join existing popular hashtag challenges like the #decadechallenge, using this opportunity to show off clothing from various brands

While Selfridges features beauty, makeup and accessories in addition to clothing, their clever participation in hashtag challenges is a low-cost way of warming their image to a younger market.

I also noticed that, in comparison to a large amount of other luxury clothing brands on the app, they do not repurpose content. Repurposing content is the biggest mistake any brand can make on TikTok as the algorithm flags low quality content which repurposed tends to be. As well this, repurposed content comes across as lazy, uninspired, and unimpressive to the Gen Z users on the app. They value creativity and innovation as it indicates that a brand understands their target demographics tastes.

Selfridges takes pride in creating engaging pieces of content that leverages TikTok features and their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. In doing so, they have been able to take luxury brands from being seen as exclusive, static and boring to inclusive, inspired and exciting.

3. ASOS: Cultural relevance, and product spotlights

Always ahead of the curve, ASOS has amassed 106k followers and 1.9M likes on TikTok. Their feed is a clever combination of team-generated memes and product spotlights. ASOS keeps their tone informal, creating funny, relatable videos like this one. By recreating trending memes and making original content, they keep their feed genuinely interesting. 

ASOS also showcases specific products through tutorials or ‘Outfit-of-the-Day’ challenges, keeping their videos virtually indistinguishable from actual user content. This appeals to a Gen-Z audience, who are off-put by ‘hard-sell’ ads. 

At Fanbytes, we teach our clients our ‘advertainment’ approach, which focuses on prioritising audiences tastes and incorporating entertainment before hard-selling a product. Music and memes are a massive part of TikTok, and so, their use of these things is an effortless way of showing their audience that they’re current and more importantly, that they understand them. This way, users on the app are more likely to build an affinity with their brand. 

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