How Fanbytes Increased Brand Awareness Using Instagram Stories for Bespoke Binny

As part of this blog series we’d like to champion and share the stories of some of the female founders that we’ve been supporting as part of our Impact Fund.

In this article:

The Fanbytes Impact Fund

Following the social unrest that we saw in summer 2020 around the world, Fanbytes decided to launch a £100,000 fund to economically empower the black community and address inequalities in two ways:

  1. To provide influencer marketing support to promising black-owned start-ups
  2. To address the influencer pay gap – our data shows that while black influencers have a click-through-rate of 2.2x more than non-black influencers on average, they are often overlooked and underpaid.

For each successful applicant, Fanbytes awarded them an influencer campaign worth £5,000 with £2,500 worth of influencer spend. Many of the selected brands are startups with this being their first real introduction to influencer marketing. Our dedicated programme manager guides them through the process and provides them with key takeaways and best practices to use as they continue along their entrepreneurial journey.

Let’s take a look at one of our successful applicants: Bespoke Binny

Meet Natalie, founder of Bespoke Binny

Natalie started Bespoke Binny whilst living and working in London, as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. She recognised the importance of one’s home environment is reinforced, particularly when trying to cope with issues such as anxiety and low mood.

Since opening her Etsy shop in 2013, her business has gone from strength to strength. Natalie uses the vibrant colours and prints inspired by her Ghanaian heritage, combined with her love of sewing to create bold and contemporary homeware designs.

The Campaign

We used a combination of small and micro influencers from the black community, some of which, like the brands, also receive guidance on how to navigate the industry and what makes great content.

Our highlights from the campaign: 

The Results

  • 1000+ Clicks to brand profile
  • 250+ direct clicks to site
  • 20% Avg Engagement rate


The Insights

How to ace using Instagram stories

When using IG stories, a trend that we noticed in this campaign showed that clicks through to the brands profile is higher than direct clicks to the website via influencer links. To put this into perspective, let’s use content creator Bethel Brown as an example from this campaign. On average, 5639 people viewed each of her 3 story frames with 907 people clicking through to the brand’s profile vs 88 people clicking directly through to the brand’s site. of the What this suggests is that consumers are becoming much more savvy in doing their own research instead of just taking influencers advice. Even before considering buying or visiting the site, consumers want to determine whether or not they trust the brand and whether the products are worth their money – purely based on the brands profile alone. They then may click through to the site via the brands profile and not the influencers profile once they have made that decision.

Fanbytes recommendations include:

    • Always having an up to date Instagram Shop – thereby reducing the customer journey to checkout.
    • Having a distinct brand identity online.
    • Keeping your feed regularly updated with content scheduled to run alongside influencer campaigns to provide additional call-to-actions and to capitalise on new traffic sent to the brand.


Want to learn more about the Fanbytes Impact Fund ?

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